Sunday, December 26, 2010

Favorite Top 5 Lip Products

Kat Von d underage red lipgloss Review

Painted Love Lipgloss So, recently I have been getting really into Pin up Girl make- up. I always have loved the red lip and the liquid eyeliner. But, every time I did the red lipstick look it just was either too dark or it was too light or it just didn't look good on me. I have about lost all hope in every finding the perfect red shade. I tried different red lip glosses as well, but the color that was in the tube never came out the same on my lips.

So, if you are like me  that like red lips but either afraid to go with red matte lipstick and have trouble finding the right shade of lip gloss in a drug store brand try the new Kat Von d painted love lip gloss. I am in love with this shade and texture of the product. It gives the perfect red lip with a glossy touch. I like this product alot also because you can me it dark or lighter by apply more or less of the product which you can do with alot of lipsticks.

I would give this a 5/5 because it allows you to make it lighter or darker and has a pleasant smell to the product. This product cost originally 18 dollars at Sephora but it currently on sale for 9.I think it has a real classy design with the roses.  This product is meant to be used without a chapstick base underneath. I have worn it before with a chapstick base but, it would come off faster then when I used it without it. All in all it is a great product and perfect for a pin up 1940's  look.If you tried this product please let me know what you think about it. And if you wish me to do a pin up girl make up tutorial video leave me a comment about that. :)
Happy Holidays

Monday, December 13, 2010

NAKED Juice and Check in

Green MachineHey everyone,
I am very sorry for not keeping up with this blog. It has been so busy with work and school. But, I will try to make YouTube videos and blog posts on the weekends. So, don't worry I didn't forget or decided not to blog anymore. Its just that is been a little hectic. But, the first thing I want to say is that I got a job. :) Yay. I have been looking for a while and I got hired at a daycare close to my house. 
Secondly I want to talk about my new favorite drink, NAKED juice, not only does it taste amazing but it also is really healthy for and since I am not a person that eats a lot of fruits and vegetables a glass of this juice is the perfect substitute. My favorite flavor at the moment is "Green Machine".
I got hooked on this juice when I was coming back from L.a. and I wanted a healthy drink that wasn't water. Plus, I can't drink any energy drinks because they have alot of caffeine in them.

When I was picking the flavor, this juice appealed to me because of the color, yes I know strange.:) But, I don't alot of greens and this juice had spinach and broccoli both vegetables that I tend to stay way from. So, I was i little nervous to try but, the taste is amazing. It doesn't taste anything like either of those vegetables. If I didn't know any better I would say it was a kiwi smoothie. Also, I feel like it is a smart on the go chose of drink rather than having a soda or a energy drink. I don't have a crash feeling after drinking it either. All in all I have found my new favorite drink. I am so glad that I gave it a try and didn't reject it because of the color or the vegetables in it, which I so often due with juices that have vegetables in them.

My favorite part about this drink is that you get your serving of vegetables without tasting them, which in my book is a 5/5 deal.
I am absolutely in love with this drink. If you have tried any flavors of the Naked Juices please let me know, so I can get some ideas on what to purchase next.

P.s. Thank You  for kindly waiting for the You Tube videos and tutorials they are coming I promise. I just need to find some free time when I am not studying or working. :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How To Make Your Eye Shadow Stay On? "Request"

  • Hi everyone,
  • You may wonder why Primer, well a simple reason is that you face produces natural oils that can tend to make you make up smudge. Some great ways to control the oils while being able to where eye shadow is by using primers.Primers are just great way to create a seal between your eyelids and your eyeshadow. Primers also create smooth eyelids for easy application.
  • Today I got a request to do a blog about how to keep your shadow on through out the day. Believe me for years I have struggled with this too. I'd put on a really pretty eyeshadow and by the end of the day it would all be gone or it would crease. (And if you know me I am a huge eyeshadow junkie:])
  • Well, there  are a few different ways to keep keep your eyeshadow from fading throughout the day. The first way would be using a concealer, this  can be purchased for a few dollars at any CVS or Rite Aid or whatever type of drugstore you have around your area. Some products that I would recommend would be Physicians Formula Rx for dark circles. This is the product I have talked about before  in a different blog. This works wonders, it gets rid of dark circles and keeps your eyeshadow on all day. It can be purchased for $8.95 at CVS. Another product that I would recommend from CVS  is the Almay  eye base and Concealer ($8.99). Another great product from CVS is the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Eye Perfector($13.99). If your a looking to spend under five dollars you can purchase the "Wet n Wild" Concealer stick,($1.99) This Concealer stick does the trick as well but doesn't make too much of a hole in your wallet.If you don't want to use a concealer to prime your eyes there are many eye shadow primers that will do the trick, though these are a little bit more costly but they work magic. One primer that I only hear good things about is the Urban Decay primer potion that costs around 18 dollars. Another high end primer is the MAC prep and Prime eye primer, two faced eye primer and the Lancome Eye primer.
  • If you have tried any other primers or know any other tricks to keep your eyeshadow from fading or creasing please leave a comment on the bottom, I'm curious to see what other people use to keep their eyeshadow from fading or creasing.
Product Details
($12 Two faced eye primer)
Product Details
($18 Urban Decay Primer Potion)
Physicians Formula - Circle Control Concealer, Fair Light 2726
(Physicians Formula Circle Rx $8.95)
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Brightening Eye Perfector Medium 15
(Neutrogena Healthy Skin Eye Perfector $13.99)
Almay Eye Base + Concealer Light/Medium 125
(Almay  eye base and Concealer $8.99)
Wet N Wild Coverall Stick Light 801
(Wet nWild $1.99)
Product Details
(Mac Prep and Prime eye primer $19.99)
Product Details
(Lancome Eye Shadow Base Aquatique $14.99)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lancome Face Primer Review

  • La Base ProYes, I know some of you heard that i wont be posting for a week or so. But, I couldn't resist I just had to write this review. So, the product that I'm going to rave about today is the Lancome Face Primer, and I have no idea how I lived this long without this amazing product. Face primer was introduced to me by one of my favorite youtube video makers vintageandtacky. I never really paid attention to face primers but wow do they make a difference. I found a little sample of the Lancome in one of my drawers and after hearing only good things about face primers I decided to try.

  • I absolutely love it, the foundation stays on all day and doesn't look streaking which I know can sometimes happen. I also love the feeling of the primer when it is applied to the skin. It starts out as a liquid gel and once applied to your face it becomes almost a powder. It keeps my make up lasting all day and I don't feel like I need to reapply it throughout the day, which in my book is a great thing.Also, it gives my face a satin finish.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Physicans Formula Rx Circle Control Concealer Review

  • Go to fullsize imageGo to fullsize imageWOW. This little beauty does the trick. I have tried out different concealers for under the eye circles but, have never found one that works wonders like this one. I would give this an 11/10. The formula is very gentle and it has almost a organic leaf smell.When you have dark circles under your eyes, this just makes them disappear. What I love most about this concealer is that when you apply to your face it just gives your face a nice glow. You look really awake and it makes the color of your eyes stand out more. The Circles under your eyes are completely covered. Another thing that makes me love this product is that after a few times of use your dark circles get smaller to eventually 90% disappear . This product contains Haloxyl which reduces the darkness under your eyes. This concealer costs $9. But, is defiantly worth the money. You can purchase it at stores such as Target,Sears,CVS,Rite Aid or online at

Friday, November 26, 2010

Mac and Urban Decay give away

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          • I have decided to do a MAC and Urban Decay give away when I hit 50 followers. I know that's a while away. If you would like to participate just leave your Name, email, and tell me one Mac or Urban decay product that you can not live without.  Please let your friends know about my blog. :) Thank you!
          •   I hope you had a wonderful turkey day.

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Liquid Eyeliner for Beginners:)

When I first started wearing make up the one product that intimidated me the most was liquid eyeliner. But, I felt that being a make up junkie I had to have a couple in my collection. I rememeber the first liquid eyeliner I purchased was from wet n wild, and soon decided to try ELF and NYC, because the prices were so similar. They were around 1 or 2 dollars. But, when I went to apply it, firstly I had no idea what I was doing.I found that the burshes that didn't have a felt tip were really hard to control and the line that they made weren't straight.

Now that I have been using make up for over 5 years, applying liquid eyeliner seems like second nature. I have had alot of girls tell me that it is really difficult for them to apply thier liquid eyeliner. So, I'm going to give you a couple tips on how to apply your eyeliner and review of a few of my favorite liquid eyeliners.

1. Purchase a liquid eyeliner with felt tip, this makes the application easier
2. When applying your liquid eyeliner rest your elbow on the table or a hard surface to stop your hand from shaking and making crooked lines
3. Have Q-tips and make- up remover on hand to fix up any imperfections
4. Practice drawing lines on the back on your hand to get familar with the product you are using.

How to apply liquid eyeliner
1. First shake your liquid eyeliner
2. Using your brush (from the liquid eyeliner) start at the center of your eye and draw a line going to the end of your lashes towards the direction of your ear.
3.Using little strokes starting from the begining of your eyelashes (by your nose) connect the line with the half line you already have drawn.
4. To make a flick or a cat eye draw a triangle at the end of your line that is close to your ear, than fill in your triangle and go over any of the spots that you may have missed the first time you applied your eyeliner.

A product thumbnail of Palladio Liquid Eyeliner BlackSo, I feel since I wrote about  liquid eyeliner I should do a review on two of my favorite liquid eyeliners. The first eyeliner is the Palladio liquid eyeliner in the color black. I love this eyeliner because it has a felt tip and stays on through out the day. And it doesn't crack when you are removing the eyeliner. I would give this eyeliner a 5/5.  Plus, if you are on a budget like me this little beauty won't hurt your wallet to much. It sells for 6 dollars at an Sally's beauty supply. You can also order it online at,default,pd.html.

ARTLINER - Precision Point EyeLinerIf you are looking for a high end product I would reccomend using  the LANCOME artliner. The art liner comes in 6 different colors , which are Brown,Ice brown,Noir, Plum Glimmer, Smoke and Sparkling Noir. I purchased the Ice Brown for Homecoming a year or two ago and I don't use for an every day look but when I feel like I am bored of the black I will use the Ice Brown or I usually use the Ice Brown to make a classy look for interview or if I am going somewhere where I have to look professionl. This eyeliner is great because it has a felt tip as well and the applicator is really long so you have more control of the line. This product costs around 29 dollars but, it is worth the money because it last a really long time. I love this eyeliner also because it allows you to make a precise line and doesnt tugg or scratch you skin.The only thing that I am not a big fan of this eyeliner for is that to get the pigment in the lighter colors such as the Ice Brown you really have to do two layers of the eyeliner but otherwise it is a great eyeliner and your money worth. You can take a look or purchase the eyeliner by clicking the link below.

If anyone has tried the MAC liquid eyeliners please let me know. I have been wanting to try it but because they fit my price range of make up better than the Lancome ones. But, I havnt heard anyone really ranting about them so if you have tried them please, please, please let me know. :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rockaholic Dry Shampoo

Lush Review

Burts Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

I absolutley love this lip balm. I bought it a week or so ago because the weather was making my lips really chaped and the regular chapstick was just not doing the trick. But, this amazing little lip balm goes above and beyond my expectations. I heard people talking about it before but I never tried before now and I highly regret it. There are a couple different flavors of the lip balm. My favorite would be the orginal one with peppermint because I like the cool sensation on my lips. Burts Bees also have a Mango, Acai Berries, Honey and Pomegrante. The cost for these lip balms are between 3 to 5 dollars. You can also purchase a pack with all three flavors for about 7 dollars.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Picture Crazy

Dearly Beloved,

I have recently been getting more and more into photography. I have been carrying my camara around with me everywhere I go. And pretty much, loving taking pictures and expressing myself. Therefore, I have decided to start a tradition kind of of posting pictures that I am absolutly in love with. Also, I am really excited to share these with you all. :) So, I hope you enjoy my photography and I will be posting a couple of these from time to time.

Here it goes.

Hope you all enjoyed. :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Good morning

Good morning, I really hoped I could have told you I feel 100% better but,unfortunately my throat is still hurting and I feel weak and tired. But,since it is Friday I must go to school. This blog is just kinda an updated on YouTube videos progress and twitter. Yes, I caved I got a twitter and you can follow me on it my twitter name is mahawuv. Also, I have finally after a long awaited wait I have uploaded videos on YouTube and my YouTube channel is meetmeinw0nderland. Check those out,I am hoping to post at least 4 videos a week.I am also hoping to get a new camaraderie for Christmas.Well, gotta run to class. Much love Maha

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Physicans Formula Organic Masacra Review

Last week I purchased a new mascara. I have been using physicans formula for a few years and bought a new one due to the fact that I ran out. Let me tell you it has been the best mascra I have ever used. It makes my eyelashes longer and they feel really healthy. It is made out of olive oil and is organically produced. This is another thing that I love about this mascra is that there isn't any harmful chemicals and they don't test there products on animals. The product costs around 10 dollars which is a good price for an organic mascara. I absolutely love it and wouldn't use any other mascara. Some other mascara's by the company are the Plump Potion and Mineral Wear. I havn't seen the Mineral wear one in stores but they sell it on there website for around 8 dollars. If you interested in getting on of these mascara's you can buy them at any local drug store such as CVS or Rite Aid, as well as online at

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A day of Adventures

So, today after my wonderful ACT test, my family and I drove up to Mexico for the day. I love traveling and meeting new people, I was very excited to spend the day in new and unfamiliar surroundings. As we drove up to a family friends house I noticed that there were alot of dogs wondering the streets without owners. It was truly heart-breaking. I am a huge animal lover and have two dogs myself so, seeing these beautiful compassionate creatures wondering the streets by themselves made me think about my two wonderful dogs and how lucky I am to have them in my life. While driving around I just really wanted to take all these dogs that were wondering down the streets home and feed them. While passing this one really beautiful labrador dog laying down in the middle of the sidewalk without any owner insight and not one local person paying any attention to the dog, all I could think of is taking this dog home and giving it a bath and some love and affection.

The reason we went to Mexico was to get traditional dresses for a wedding, I was unsuccessful in finding a dress. But, I have come back as a more aware human being, the conditions around the world aren't perfect, there are many people living in poverty. So, it makes me wonder can a group of individuals try to change something that has been going on decades? There are many countries in need of help and there are many people living in horrible conditions around the world. I encourage all to get involved with local organizations that help countries who have difficult living conditions or even the homeless shelter or homeless dog shelters, a difference will be made. Here are a few websites that get involved with helping countries around the world with poverty. As well as one that helps with homeless pets. It takes just one person to make a difference. -There is a really heartbreaking story about Lucy who is a Chihuahua mix 1 year old dog.