Sunday, December 26, 2010

Kat Von d underage red lipgloss Review

Painted Love Lipgloss So, recently I have been getting really into Pin up Girl make- up. I always have loved the red lip and the liquid eyeliner. But, every time I did the red lipstick look it just was either too dark or it was too light or it just didn't look good on me. I have about lost all hope in every finding the perfect red shade. I tried different red lip glosses as well, but the color that was in the tube never came out the same on my lips.

So, if you are like me  that like red lips but either afraid to go with red matte lipstick and have trouble finding the right shade of lip gloss in a drug store brand try the new Kat Von d painted love lip gloss. I am in love with this shade and texture of the product. It gives the perfect red lip with a glossy touch. I like this product alot also because you can me it dark or lighter by apply more or less of the product which you can do with alot of lipsticks.

I would give this a 5/5 because it allows you to make it lighter or darker and has a pleasant smell to the product. This product cost originally 18 dollars at Sephora but it currently on sale for 9.I think it has a real classy design with the roses.  This product is meant to be used without a chapstick base underneath. I have worn it before with a chapstick base but, it would come off faster then when I used it without it. All in all it is a great product and perfect for a pin up 1940's  look.If you tried this product please let me know what you think about it. And if you wish me to do a pin up girl make up tutorial video leave me a comment about that. :)
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