Monday, December 13, 2010

NAKED Juice and Check in

Green MachineHey everyone,
I am very sorry for not keeping up with this blog. It has been so busy with work and school. But, I will try to make YouTube videos and blog posts on the weekends. So, don't worry I didn't forget or decided not to blog anymore. Its just that is been a little hectic. But, the first thing I want to say is that I got a job. :) Yay. I have been looking for a while and I got hired at a daycare close to my house. 
Secondly I want to talk about my new favorite drink, NAKED juice, not only does it taste amazing but it also is really healthy for and since I am not a person that eats a lot of fruits and vegetables a glass of this juice is the perfect substitute. My favorite flavor at the moment is "Green Machine".
I got hooked on this juice when I was coming back from L.a. and I wanted a healthy drink that wasn't water. Plus, I can't drink any energy drinks because they have alot of caffeine in them.

When I was picking the flavor, this juice appealed to me because of the color, yes I know strange.:) But, I don't alot of greens and this juice had spinach and broccoli both vegetables that I tend to stay way from. So, I was i little nervous to try but, the taste is amazing. It doesn't taste anything like either of those vegetables. If I didn't know any better I would say it was a kiwi smoothie. Also, I feel like it is a smart on the go chose of drink rather than having a soda or a energy drink. I don't have a crash feeling after drinking it either. All in all I have found my new favorite drink. I am so glad that I gave it a try and didn't reject it because of the color or the vegetables in it, which I so often due with juices that have vegetables in them.

My favorite part about this drink is that you get your serving of vegetables without tasting them, which in my book is a 5/5 deal.
I am absolutely in love with this drink. If you have tried any flavors of the Naked Juices please let me know, so I can get some ideas on what to purchase next.

P.s. Thank You  for kindly waiting for the You Tube videos and tutorials they are coming I promise. I just need to find some free time when I am not studying or working. :)

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  1. omigod naked juice! This is basically all I drank when I was in America! Taste soo yummy :) Shame I can't find it in England..