Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Every Rose has a Thorn

I haven't sat down and written one of these for a VERY long time. But, I have actually missed it a little.

So, I am not  going to sugar coat it, I'm just going to write. I don't know how this is going to turn out. But, here it goes.

The past few days I have been really questioning life. I came to the conclusion that we live like we are invincible. When in reality, the time we have on this earth is so precious and so limited. We just don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. And although we don't know this, we still live life as if one day something magical is going to click in our brains and all of a sudden we will be able to reach our dreams, talk to that one person that has been on our mind, make a lot of money or drop 10 pounds.

But, lets step back. What the hell is stopping you? And the only thing that comes into my mind is FEAR!!!!

We are all frightened, even the bravest of us are afraid. We are afraid of being vulnerable and we fear rejection. At least those are some of my common fears. But, what does it all really mean? Does it mean that you are REJECTED,  and UNWANTED? Or is that something that you told yourself you are.  Does being VULNERABLE make you weak or do we tell ourselves that if we are truly authentic and brutally honest with ourselves that we are going to be weak. So, we sit here analyzing situations and creating barrier after barrier. But, the whole irony in this is, that we are waiting for someone to come help you break those barriers down.  These barriers are like layers in the winter that we keep putting on. But, we have the power to take those barriers down. You are powerful, you are strong, and  you can do anything.

I guess that brings me to my thoughts from the last couple days.... Starting with Today!

Today, someone said " I noticed that you have been sad." The saying I had heard about twice already. And yes, I have been sad because I used to know a beautiful person, that is no longer here with us. And I want to shout from the top of my lungs, "It wasn't enough time." But, no one choses how much time they get. I want to beg for a do over.  To get to know a person all over again. To be OPEN.

I guess my barrier is regret. Regret for not making the most of every single situation. So, I am challenging myself to get to know people without have regrets. Which would mean I will have to be vulnerable.

But, that FEAR that we have keeps us from being real with a people from the first moment you meet them. So, I would like to think that we only have 24 hours to really get to know a person. How are they going to change your life? How are you going to change their life?

So, I challenge you to be vulnerable with one person in the next few days, to really get to know them. Even people that you may have known your whole life can become strangers as we get caught up in the  hectic events of our daily lives. Open up, and share your dreams, share your story, share your LOVE.  And remember people are dying to get to know you, be open to the possibility of letting them.



Monday, September 24, 2012


So, in the recent few months there has been this one topic that has been constantly on the edge of my mind, heartbreak.

HEARTBREAK, everyone experiences it at least once at some point in there life. But, I feel like in the last several months I have seen and felt more heartbreak then I could imagine.

I think the worst part of heartbreak, isn't even your own heartbreak. Which, you may say sounds super silly, but I feel like the heart hurts more when you're watching the people you love suffer, and the pain that is going on inside of them is plain to see across their faces. It tortured me to just sit back and be an onlooker, completely helpless and not knowing how to heal them. As they felt pain, and went through their personal hell, all I wanted to do was take their pain away and make them whole again, to make their days a little bit more bearable.

The funny thing about heartbreak, is it doesn't matter how long ago your heart was broken. The pain of a broken heart may be as fresh as this mornings tea, or ancient as Confucius himself. And I came to realize that their isn't one person that is completely innocent of a solid heart.

I can't explain how a broken heart feels like, almost like you're heart is ripped out of chest and disposed off. But, before its disposed of its tortured and it tries to protect itself, all its defense go up and at that moment, everything connected to the heart, the brain and all bodily functions turn off. There is a moment that you turn into a complete vegetable. There isn't any special medicine to make you feel alright, but, their are friends and time. Eventually, a band-aid is put upon the hole that was made.

I almost feel like the ones, that break your heart make a connection with you. Not necessarily a bad one either,some can become your bestest friends, and others leave taking pieces of you. I guess, everyone who breaks your heart holds a piece of you, which can sound sick that they don't allow you to be set free but their is something beautiful about it too. I guess I see it as, love as much as you can and if your heart gets broken in the end, that one piece gets to travel with the person who has taken it with them.

I guess after seeing and experiencing a broken heart, you take a step back from reality, almost pushing and shoving it away. At least that's how I see myself, I feel like opening up and trusting someone completely is like leaping off a building knowing there isn't anything to catch you when you hit the ground.

I am not a strong believer of love, never having any great love models to show me that its actually possible, I feel like sometimes I am biased about it. And I don't admit that maybe just maybe, I want someone to prove me wrong.

In the end I think that heartbreak, is about forgiving. Revenge is silly, hate is silly, so forgive ease your heart and allow it to open up again.


A silly girl with a lot of thoughts

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Its A Little Bit More Peaceful

So, in the ideal world, I should be doing homework, but in this world, with this mind, too many thoughts are active for that.

Its a wonder, how things fall togather and how they can fall apart. I haven't figured out how they fall apart nor how they fall togather. But, for some odd reason people will enter and leave your life. Thats just how it is. There is no choosing on who comes and who goes, its like it is written out somewhere and you have no control of anyone or anything.

In recent days I have realized that you, yourself and only yourself can make you happy. You make your destiny and you, choose who you want in your life, who you don't. But, at the same time people can make the same choice and choose who they want in their life.

A wise friend told me, he knows that, "no matter what goes on, everything will be okay." Believing him was not a choice I wanted to make, it's not easy in a time of hardness to believe that everything will be alright and that you will get through it. But the funny thing, I have come to realize is that you can get through anything.

As human beings, we are stubborn and we make life hard on ourselves. When in all reality life is just a bunch of puzzle peices and you need to find them and piece them togather. Along the way, you will stumble, you will fall, and you may just find treasure.

I am not looking forward to stumbling, but maybe falling with no gravity is alright. Feeling the lightness of the world around you I think would be just fine. And as always, finding treasure, because it is treasure it will be unexpected and suprisingly welcoming.

So, today I am happy. Today, an almost complete stranger made me smile. Today, life doesnt seem so difficult. And all will be well.


The girl who is just figuring it all out

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Back to Blogging: Yes, I have been gone a while.

Hey Guys,

So, I have been gone from blogging for a while, which is defiantly not like me. :( Unfortunatly, I will for the time period, not be keeping up with my YouTube channel. And I feel like an apology is in order. The reason for that is I simply dont have any time. For my Book Fan Fam, there will be reviews on Goodreads. For my other readers, I will start to blog more often, I hope.

I am hoping to be getting back into writting because that is what I am passionate about. So, hopefully you will all hang in there with as I get back into the swing of things.:)

This was just a little blog to let you know what has been going on. Thank you all for your support through these years, especailly the book community on youtube and goodreads.:)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Everybody will feel this feeling, this strange creepy darkness that just swells up within oneself. It's simple its the pain, simple breaking of a heart. The heart thats a funny thing, it can be broken in one instant or it can be slowly torn at, ripped and stabbed over a period of time. It can be broken by some complete stranger or the person that you find yourself caring about more than anything in the world. That's the hurt that hurts the most.

Its easier to lock your heart up, and not allow yourself to feel or fall in love. It's easier to pretend that everyone around you are bad and are going to hurt you. It's easier to lock yourself away and not allow yourself to feel anything. When you feel for that one instant love, the next instant you are wondering when the hurt part comes or how long are you going to have to wait for it.

I always expected that people will stab at my heart, so I kept it closed off and didn't let anyone near it. Until, suddenly I thought that something maybe different, something would stop the constant pain, and I allowed myself for that small instant to trust someone other than myself. For a long time I was convinced that it was the right thing to do. But, sitting here and writting this makes all those feelings just run and hide under the covers. I feel like a fool and the pain that rises in my chest where my heart is, hurts uncontrollably. The tears havn't hit my eyes yet, but the huge boulder in my chest has already been built.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Feeling Confused

(Inspired by a sister who I love unconditionally. May this make some sense to you. You know who you are.)

Who does she chose
She's confused
And feeling so blue

Where does she go
When all is confused
And her thoughts are
Reaching the sky and the moon

She crawls to her bed
To figure this out
But sleep doesn't come
She is feeling let down
With her endless thoughts
Spinning around

She is scared to get hurt
It happened before
She opened her heart
With hope to love
Her heart can't hold on

She wants to be loved
For someone to hold
To whisper those words
She is eager to know

Could one of them
Be that guy
To hold her hand
Through those dark stormy nights

So who does she chose
So,she doesn't  lose
She will make the right chose
She'll hear the voice

She run after it
Running towards the one
That she isn't willing to lose.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bare Minerals Foundation Review.

  • Hey Everyone,
                                       I know I haven't written in quite a while. And there shouldn't be any excuses for that.
bareMinerals SPF 15 Matte FoundationBut, today I would like to make a little blog on my all time favorite Foundation of all time. I have tried so many of them and when I saw the commercials on TV for the bare mineral foundation I just shrugged it off and thought nothing of it. But, with my last online purchase at Sephora I got the option to try the Bare Minerals Foundation in Median Beige. And I am absolutely in love with it. I don't know what I have been doing without it all these years.
I mainly am surprised at how much coverage the foundation provides. For the past month and a half all I have been using is the Bare Minerals foundation and it is amazing. It gives you just the right amount of coverage and feels wonderful on your skin. Also, in my opinion the foundation isn't to heavy and is really easy to blend. It works great with a little Kabuki Brush. I can't explain how much I love this product. If you haven't tried any of there products look for deals from Sephora or Ulta which can send you a free sample, then you can decide if you want to buy it. The full size product cost $28 at both Sephora and Ulta. From everything that I have tried in the past this is defiantly  a 5/5 product. If you have tried any of the Bare Mineral Products let me know what you think of them.:)
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