Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Falling Away

It might be comical to some
A girl afraid of touch
But, this girl carries more secrets in her heart
Then expressed on her tongue

She will never admit to the pain that she's felt
She will never admit that "Love the way you lie,"
Was the soundtrack to that year
That his anger was so deep and her wounds were not clean

The echo of his voice
Still haunts her in dreams
Shaking with fear
Staying out of comfort
He was familiar
She, always contemplating to leave

Making Excuses
"It will get better."
It always did
Until another spell rose
And shook the ground from under her feet

But, it always got better
She stayed
Because it did
When it was Good
It was GREAT
But, when the volcano erupted
The whole world fell away as she fell to her knees.

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