Saturday, November 27, 2010

Physicans Formula Rx Circle Control Concealer Review

  • Go to fullsize imageGo to fullsize imageWOW. This little beauty does the trick. I have tried out different concealers for under the eye circles but, have never found one that works wonders like this one. I would give this an 11/10. The formula is very gentle and it has almost a organic leaf smell.When you have dark circles under your eyes, this just makes them disappear. What I love most about this concealer is that when you apply to your face it just gives your face a nice glow. You look really awake and it makes the color of your eyes stand out more. The Circles under your eyes are completely covered. Another thing that makes me love this product is that after a few times of use your dark circles get smaller to eventually 90% disappear . This product contains Haloxyl which reduces the darkness under your eyes. This concealer costs $9. But, is defiantly worth the money. You can purchase it at stores such as Target,Sears,CVS,Rite Aid or online at

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