Monday, February 15, 2016

Come close enough to lay me down in the ground

Lay me down by the  river, lay me down in the dirt
Maybe I am going to heaven or maybe I'll haunt you from earth
You may think that you know me
but, the truth in the matter:  you don't 
And its this sad part of reality which makes you realize
You don't want to know me at all

Maybe I scare you
Terrify you
Maybe I tend to inspire you
Surprise you

Maybe I am not good with my words
But, you're no king of words yourself
Maybe you're not good with feelings
But, honestly I may just be no good at living 

Let me be raw with you
Listen to the words that I speak
Stop shutting me down with your emptiness
Changing the subject so quick

Maybe I mean absolutely nothing to you
Maybe one day that can change
But, at least for today 
The feeling of loneliness lingers
No desire left in its wake

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